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QUESTION:  What is your favourite ice-cream flavour?

I was having this conversation with someone the other day and they were adamant that the flavour "bubblegum & choc mint with gummie bears and mms was the best". Seriously? NO. Like...the flavours are okay but not together. And flavours such as honeycomb and cookies & cream or any of the fruit flavours are far better tasting at most ice-cream places. So everyone, thoughts? Most of you on my pretty friend's list are about to be hitting summer so I guess it's about time to start thinking anyway!!! hehehe.

Also may I just add:

I love being a fangirl again.

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darth vadered in the elevator - at least i tried to make it rhyme....

Hey remember that episode of Family Guy where they parodied Star Wars Episode IV? Hahaha, so good, anyway, I recently became addicted to the Imperial March music that plays in the Death Star elevator. So, you know, I went on a little (which turned into a two hour) hunt for the music even though I could have just ripped it myself from the episode. That's how my brain works - try to save time by wasting time. Anyway if anyone wants the superb 12 seconds piece of gold download it here.

Imperial March Elevator Music

And btw, LOST SEASON 4 FTW!!!!!!!
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semi-friends only

This journal is partially friends-only. Since I'm full-time at university I like to keep my friends ' list as small as possible. Comment if I know you from somewhere on LJ and I'll add you. :)

i'm a doctor

i like the smell of bread in the morning.

I updated a month ago. A MONTH AGO.

I'm personally utterly ashamed at myself, and I have no good reason for not having updated. Except that I've become addicted to XBOX. Yes, I'm a now an ultra-nerd. Not one of those prancy Lord of the Rings, Star Wars loving fan girls. Nup, I've upgraded to ultra-nerd because now I live my entire existence in cyberspace whilst still loving supernatural things. Anyone ever played Halo XBOX live? Gosh, it's is SO AWESOME. Playing with people from America, Canada, Australia all in the one game is just so thrilling. The world's such a global community, yay for the world. Sometimes. The whole 'real fighting' each other thing isn't so good.

ANYWAY, since my lack of updating has shocked and astounded me, and doesn't look like it's going to pick up anytime soon purely because I have a lot of Uni work to do, I'm going to open up Cyberslap-Fest 2.

The origins of Cyberslap-Fest began in like 1999 when me and my friend on MSN just kept on 'cyberslapping' each other for no reason.

So I'm moving Cyberslap into Livejournal because I believe you all have the right to Cyberslap me for being such a bad friend on Livejournal. Go ahead. DO IT NOW. Reply with 'cyberslap' and I might actually learn to be a good human being. You can even double or triple cyberslap, I know some of you are really looking forward to doing that. You know who you are! ....which is pretty much all of you...probably even people I don't even know will be doing it. That's fine...

Moving right along...I need to write an update on my life. I have one, about 14% of the time, so I guess that 14% should be recorded somewhere for my own enjoyment.

ANOTHER THING: Prison Break OMG, The Office so cute, and Robin Hood (such a lame show in the best way possible).

Yep, token Rose-Lynnesque picture (from Atonement) for no reason at all:

Yep, get a life Rose.
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the canadian flag...infiltrates ALL

Back from Canada and stuff. That place is so cool with all those mountains and people who talk in that accent. Yeahhhh. PICTURES SOON!

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The Chaser's War on Everything.

These guys are the BIGGEST LEGENDS. Breaching APEC security with a convoy of black vehicles and a Canadian flag was such a healthy and fantastic thing to do. Especially after all the security, security, security we kept hearing about for months and months and months.

If you haven't seen the clip, watch it here!

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Thirdly, I was randomly looking around at journal articles for my assignment and this one came up:

What a title for an article! You just keep on going and going and it makes less sense!!!!!

Hope everyone had a good weekend!