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17 September

semi-locked journal.
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acting like a hippie, angelina jolie, arrested development, art, arwen + aragorn, audrey hepburn, ballack/frings, beach, becksillas, black & white photography, bonus features, breezes, british accents, british wit, buffy, cate blanchett, chaser's war on everything, chelsea, chocolate, classic hollywood glamour, coldplay, conan o'brien, day dreaming, disney, effortlessness, england, eternal sunshine, ewan mcgregor, excessive amounts of blankets, fashion, filming, firefly, forbidden love, foxy, français, gael garcia bernal, genius: wentworth the third, guybrush threepwood, hargreaves for captain!!!!!, hayden christensen, hugging trees, icons, iharthdarth, intense soccer matches, jack sparrow, jack/sawyer, jean grey, jedi knights, jedi moments, johnny depp, jt training without boots, keira knightley, king arthur, literature, liv tyler, long/way/round where's my cape, lord of the rings, lost, minimalism, monkey island, morning mist, movies, multiple u's in cute, natalie portman, nationalmannschaft, non-clickable interests, orlando bloom, photography, pirates of the caribbean, poetry, pride and prejudice, prison break, random moments, reviewing movies, robin/marian, ron & hermione, sawyer's glasses, sawyer/jack/kate, scruffy looking space cowboys, serenity, shakespeare, singing randomly, sleeping, soccer, socceroos, soundtracks, star wars, star wars/lotr marathons, summer, summer heights high, sunrises, sunsets, swimming, tennis, the amazing race, the batman, the daily show, the empire strikes back, the lotr boys, the office, the simpsons, theatre, tomb raider, travel, underwater fire extinguishing, viggo mortensen, walking barefoot, what have-we-learnt-from history?, x men

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